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Dong Quai


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Dong Quai is traditionally known for it benefits to the mare’s reproductive system as a blood builder, tonic, and for over all beautification to the hair, coat and hooves.   The literal translation of Dong Quai or “female ginseng” means “compelled to return” which seems to refer to its ability to restore a female horse to her normal health.

Dong Quai is an herbs for horses alternative to conventional equine hormonal supplements or treatments.  Its warming qualities make it useful for joint pains, especially during damp winters, the root’s anti-arthritic proper¬ties having been demonstrated by basic research. It helps protect the liver, animal studies indicating that it enhances metabolism. In addition, it has mild sedative, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties – relaxing the smooth muscle of visceral organs like the intestines (as well as the uterus). 

The polysaccharides in dong quai have also been implicated in immune stimulation and healing of ulcerated gastric mucosa.