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Chia Seeds


Chia is an excellent source of EFA's (essential oils), antioxidants, minerals, protein, soluble (mucilage) fiber and low NSC (non structural carbohydrate and this seed is high in the magic Omega's.

Chia is an oil seed containing 32-39% oil. Two-thirds of Chia oil is Omega-3 essential fatty acid (polyunsaturated) with only one-third Omega-6. This is an ideal healthy ratio. \

Has the capacity to absorb large amounts of liquid, increasing the volume passing through the digestive tract, stimulating the intestinal transit.

This important feature clears sand and debris out of the horse's gut naturally, assists with regulating stool movement, helps prevent sand colic and diverticulitis.

Oil acts as a natural lubricant. 100% digestible. It can be safely fed daily.

Chia is soothing to the gut with a mucilaginous gel, which eases inflammation caused by sand and ulcers.

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